Posted by Colin Heggie on Mar 23, 2021
Martin von Holst hosted our 2011-12 incoming youth exchange student, Lukas Viebahn, from Munich, Germany, along with his partner Beth & their beautiful new dog.  In one month, he’ll complete his MSc degree, & begin a PhD program focusing on the chemistry of beer-making.  He’s also working on a new method of malting in the production of whiskey, which he hopes to patent.  His university is close to the world’s oldest brewery, founded in 1040!  Lukas told us beer is made from water, hops, malt & yeast.  He took us through the steps in making beer, explaining how variations in the primary components, & different production methods, yield a huge variety of beers.  Lukas hopes to work as a rep for a beer-making equipment manufacturer, or eventually as an independent consultant to the industry.  Along with a few others, he recently helped found a satellite Rotary e-club.