Posted by Colin Heggie on Jun 11, 2019
Our member Eric Gombrich travels North America for his marketing job in the healthcare industry.  Today, he talked about trends in healthcare.  An aging population translates to a gradual increase in healthcare spending as a % of GDP.  Compared to the USA, Canada has fewer physicians per 1,000 people, but we use them more.  This is largely a function of the remuneration model, which encourages doctors to see more people, particularly for simple complaints.  Eric believes how we pay for, & how we deliver healthcare, need to be split, to facilitate systemic improvements.  He thinks our Canadian single-payer system is good, but more options in delivering care would allow innovations & cost-savings.  The way doctors are paid is inefficient & obstructs a re-alignment of resources.  Politics & our own delusions also prevent positive change.  Treatments need to become more preventative vs. acute; we need “decentralization,” & “consumerization” of care.  He talked about the growth & impact of technology, through telemedicine, use of robotics in surgery, & “polyclinics,” where patients, even in small communities, can see multiple practitioners under a single roof, in a single day.  Advances in technology, & investments in integrating pharmacies, health clinics & major grocery chains is moving the healthcare agenda into the hands of consumers & business, away from governments either unable or unwilling to make changes.