Posted by Colin Heggie on Sep 07, 2021
Bob France presented a summary of his work on “Species at Risk Partnership on Agricultural Lands (SARPAL).  Beginning in 2016, this pilot program is funded at +/-$100k annually by the Canadian Wildlife Service of Environment & Climate Change Canada, using the BC Cattlemen’s Association as “deliverer” of funds to their members.  The goals include engaging members about species at risk, exploring best management practices for species, & demonstrating to the public members’ interest in species at risk.  The original pilot program was targeted at enhancing habitat for the Yellow Breasted Chat & Lewis’s Woodpecker, by fencing to allow only controlled access to riparian areas, planting shrubs or trees in riparian areas, providing off-stream waterers, etc.  Maximum project funding is $15k, which may cover the total cost of a project.  So far, 21 projects in southern BC have been completed, & 4 more are in progress.