Posted by Colin Heggie on Dec 01, 2020
Through our Zoom meeting, Teresa Bartel shared Nora McInerny’s 15-minute 2018 TEDWomen talk, at   Nora McInerny: We don't "move on" from grief. We move forward with it | TED Talk .  Nora is an author, speaker & podcaster, who makes her living talking to people about life’s hardest moments.  This talk is about grief – she says “We don’t ‘move on’ from grief.  We move forward with it.”  In 2014, Nora had a miscarriage, lost her father within a week & her husband within a few months.  She describes peoples’ discomfort dealing with her, & the range of emotional responses she had.  Nora’s wonderful sense of humour & humanity shines throughout this presentation.  Her 2019 book releases were “The Hot Young Widows Club: Lessons on Survival from the Front Lines of Grief,” & “No Happy Endings: A Memoir.”  (Colin’s note: spending 15 minutes to watch or re-watch this presentation is well worth your time.  Brilliant stuff.)