Posted by Colin Heggie on Sep 10, 2019
Jim Kanester hosted Steve Fleck, who became the new Executive Director of our Greater Vernon Museum & Archives in March 2019.  He’s had a long career in education, including time spent in southern China.  These experiences have increased his awareness of the impact & importance of culture in our lives.  Following approval of a spending referendum to finance a new museum & art gallery, Vernon, neighbouring municipalities & provincial & federal partners are considering how best to develop a new “cultural facility.”  Steve described culture as “an integrated pattern of human knowledge, belief & behaviour -- the outlook, attitudes, values, morals, goals & customs shared by a society.  Culture is the myriad of stories we learn & share that tell us who we are.  It is created & reborn every day.”  He feels it’s important to engage people through providing space for different groups to share their stories.  He also envisions opportunities for other local attractions & groups, such as the O’Keefe Ranch, Mackie House, & Science Center, to collaborate & share resources.