Posted by Colin Heggie on Mar 02, 2021
Dave Weatherill hosted School District 22 pediatric occupational therapist Brittany Weber, one of eight specialists on the Student Support Services Team.  Their dream is “that every student & staff member have access to the tools they require to learn, & that every child can engage & participate in the learning opportunities school provides.”  Covid-19 has greatly exacerbated struggles of both students & teachers – there are many more requests for help, & needs are more complex.  A more sedentary lifestyle also inhibits one’s ability to self-regulate our energy state, emotions, behaviours & attention.  Brittany & other professionals believe a solution is the “Brain Bikes – Move2Learn” program, which aims to provide a stationary exercise bike in every classroom, & ideally, a “spin studio” in every school.  The bikes are a tool, not a toy.  High quality, low maintenance junior & senior sized bikes are available through Sparks – A Program at prices ranging from C$655 + tax to C$825, shipping included, depending upon size & quantity ordered.  The Salmon Arm school district, in partnership with Shuswap Rotary, has a program underway.  Brittany hopes to pilot a Vernon program through Alexis Park & Kidston schools, & invites our sponsorship.  Dave believes this could fit well with our club vision, the Rotary wheel, & our Rotary Ride event.