Posted by Colin Heggie on Feb 09, 2021
Loredana Eisenhauer shared Simon Sinek: How great leaders inspire action | TED Talk or “Start With Why.”  Simon drew three concentric circles, the smallest labelled “Why,” the next “How,” & the largest or outside one labelled “What.”  He says most people or companies describe their ideas or products by defining What they’re selling, whilst our most successful leaders (his examples are Apple, Dr Martin Luther King & the Wright brothers) start with the Why.  By defining Why we believe what we believe, people are much more attracted to What we’re promoting.  People don’t buy What you do, they buy Why you do it.  Simon says by addressing the limbic or emotional brain, we access decision-making at a fundamental level, where people who believe what we believe are seriously attracted.  He goes on to describe the “Law of Diffusion of Innovation,” with a graph showing typical sections of (idea or product) adopters, broken down into 2½% innovators, 13½% early adopters, 34% early majority, 34% late majority & 16% laggards, where a critical 15 to 18% adoption rate, or tipping point, must be reached in order for a product or idea to survive & have any chance of mass adoption.  (He described “laggards” as those who only bought a touch-tone phone when rotary dial phones were no longer made.)  Innovators & early adopters are those motivated by what they believe, not simply by what is available.  Those are the highly motivated folks who the rest of us look to when deciding if an idea of product is worth following.  They're the ones we want working for or with us.