Posted by Colin Heggie on May 30, 2017
Janet Green welcomed back UBCO anthropologist Dr Sandra Peacock & her Arusha, Tanzania based Vijiji Foundation partner, Amos Meyasi, for a progress update on the Moivaru School “Lunch for Learners” project.  In late 2014, our club donated money to help build new school washrooms.  In 2016, with a matching District Grant, our club donated more money to fund a kitchen, food storage area & covered dining area, where many of the school’s 1,000 students in Grades 1 to 7 may receive lunches.  Many of the students’ parents, typically subsistence farmers, are unable to pay cash for lunches, but willingly donate maize or other produce “in kind,” which directly supports the lunch program.  Once a final design is government approved, Amos believes the construction could be completed in under two months.  A clay-built wood-burning stove will be installed – electricity is unreliable, & therefore a poor choice for cooking.