Posted by Colin Heggie on Aug 13, 2019
Dr Craig Goplen reported that plans for the Fri, Sep 20th Father Daughter Ball are coming along well.  He asked members to be available for one or more of the Friday morning setup, Saturday morning take-down, or the Friday evening event.  Craig enjoys running this annual event, but would like to mentor a replacement or assistant.
Upcoming BBQs include Venture Training on Wed, Aug 21st;  Harwood Elementary on Wed, Sep 11th; & Mission Hill Elementary on Tue, Sep 17th.  Colin will deliver the BBQ trailer for the Venture Training event, & possibly the two schools as well.
Bev Rundell is meeting with our three local Rotary club Presidents to discuss their support of “Friends of Rotary,” a program to attract younger professionals to participate in periodic social events & community projects.  These are folks we’d like eventually to attract as full members, but for now, they’re typically not able to participate in traditional weekly Rotary meetings.  Each year, about 10% of our global Rotary members are lost, & replaced by new people.  To increase overall retention & new memberships, Rotary International is looking at various models of “non-traditional” participation.
Jim Kanester has applied for us to run Vipers 50/50 Raffles; if we’re assigned one over the Thanksgiving weekend, he’ll be away & need someone else to coordinate.  Jim reported that we’ll no longer be able to participate in the selection of recipients of our Okanagan College business student bursary, as the Community Foundation sees that as their role.