Posted by Colin Heggie on Feb 04, 2020
Laurie Cordell is the City of Vernon’s Manager of Long Range Planning & Sustainability.  She was hosted by Lore Eisenhauer, to speak about composting.  A couple of trial compost collection bins, where residents could drop their organic waste, until Nov 2019, were overly successful, demonstrating a demand for some type of compost collection.  This demand was also reflected in a recent survey.  The City & Regional District, which operates our landfill, are motivated to explore efficient methods of composting, simply as a way to reduce landfill use.  A study is currently underway, to explore benefits & costs of more centrally located collection bins for organics, or possibly curbside pickups.  Local contractors, who would likely be involved in either scenario, are also looking at various alternatives.  Meantime, as we await a Fall 2020 report, the City intends to soon provide six collection bins, strategically located.  There were numerous questions about the efficacy of composting, as a method of reducing greenhouse gases, & about what is included/excluded in the definition of organic material.